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New Aircraft Up for Assignment

New Aircraft Up for Assignment

Hello Everyone,

I'm excited to announce that we have listed some new aircraft that are available to Units for Assignment.  Please visit the CAF Operations website for details.  If you are interested please contact Jim Lasche or Buddy Cooksey for more details.  If your Unit is intersted please reply to Jim or Buddy and let them know.  Deadlines for assignment requests are generally within 60 days of being released.  All aircraft assignments are approved by the American AirPower Heritage Flying Museum Board after being vetted by the CAF HQ Staff.  

Aircraft Available:

Stearman N2S - Great flying airplane recently donated

T-6/SNJ Restoration Project - 80% of the fuselage.  Needs an engine and prop.

PQ-14 Drone - Single seat WWII drone aircraft

S-4 Sikorsky Hover Fly - Bring us your proposal, Flying or Static

Stinson S-105 - This aircraft is still looking for a good home

Traveling Exhibit Trailer - Still Available for Assignment


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