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Emergency Action Item for C-45 Drag Link Bolts

Emergency Action Item for C-45 Drag Link Bolts

1.  Affected Models:

All Beech 18 and C-45 aircraft:

2.  Summary:

The C-45 and Beech 18 aircraft utilize a drag shock strut assembly which rides on a slide tube for retraction and extension.  The lateral forward and aft movement of the gear trunnion is supported by this drag strut.  Different models of the drag strut are in use but all incorporate an upper and lower bolt assembly.  These bolts are subjected to high shear loads during takeoff and landing and Emergency Gear Exentsion. 

3.  Findings:

During a routine flight the aircraft never received an up light gear indication.  It was discovered that the upper drag link bolt had completely sheared.  The head and tail of the bolt had separated and were working loose from the bolt hole.

4.  Required Inspection:

Prior to next flight jack the aircraft and remove the upper drag link bolts on both the left and right landing gear.  Use die penetrant inspection on the bolts to Inspect for wear, cracks, and damage or replace the bolts with new old stock.  Report any damaged bolts to the CAF Director of Operations.

5.  Special Flight Authorization:

Authorization to fly the aircraft to a location for maintenance can be approved by contacting the CAF Vice President of Operations and Maintenance.  David Oliver: cell: 630-853-9624

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