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Four New Unit/Locations in Texas, Tennessee, Washington and Arkansas

Dallas- February 20, 2018 - The Commemorative Air Force (CAF), now headquartered in Dallas announced today that four new units have been added to the growing list of unit/locations. Collecting aircraft for more than 60 years, the CAF now ranks as one of the largest air forces in the world. Today the CAF has approximately 12,000 members and a fleet of more than 170 aircraft representing more than 60 different types—including planes from several foreign countries and other military conflicts since World War II.

CAF members live in every state and 28 foreign countries. Members join together and form units to foster camaraderie and, in many cases, actively support one or more of the classic military aircraft operated by the CAF. These locations vary greatly in size, aircraft assigned, and in programs, but all CAF Units serve to educate others by creating Living History Experiences revolving around American military aviation.

The four new units are:

  • Razorback Wing- Little Rock, Arkansas
  • Rainier Squadron- Seattle, Washington
  • Delta Blues Squadron- Memphis, Tennessee
  • Ground Forces Detachment- Gainesville, Texas

Each of these groups will have independent programs and roles in order to support the overall organization. Restoring, maintaining and flying assigned aircraft being one of the most common for CAF units. Additionally the Delta Blues Squadron will have a special emphasis on education surrounding the proud history that the city of Memphis played in World War II.

The Ground Forces Detachment will not be assigned an aircraft. This detachment is the first ever ground-based vehicle group of volunteers to serve the CAF. This group will focus on the integration of ground vehicles, living history, and other non-flying activities into CAF events. The CAF already own and operates an extensive collection of WWII-era ground vehicles, this groups first charge will be to catalog this collection.

Those interested in inquiring more about these four units can email or call 877-767-7175, ext. 0. More information about all the CAF Units including locations and aircraft assigned is available at

About the Commemorative Air Force

The Commemorative Air Force honors the men and women who built, maintained and flew in these airplanes during World War II. The organization believes that is best accomplished by maintaining the airplanes in flying condition; often taking the airplanes to the people allowing them to experience the sights and sounds of aircraft in flight.

Collecting, restoring and flying historical aircraft for more than half a century, the Commemorative Air Force operates the world’s largest flying collection of vintage military aircraft. The CAF is dedicated to Honoring American Military Aviation through flight, exhibition and remembrance. A non-profit educational association, the CAF has more than 12,000 members and a fleet of over 170 airplanes distributed throughout the country to units located in 26 states for care and operation. For more information, visit


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