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Homes For Heroes Continues To Help Air Force Members Find A Home

(January 24, 2018- Minneapolis, MN) - Since its launch in 2002, Homes for Heroes has given back over $25 million to the heroes across the military and healthcare profession including air force. The U.S. Military Air Force is the second largest service branch with 318,415 active personnel and more than 5368 military aircraft. America’s air force is largely seen as the dominant power in the world, surpassing countries in manpower and aircrafts. While non-profit organisations such as the Commemorative Air Force commit to preserving and maintaining aviation heritage, Homes for Heroes is committed to helping heroes including air force men and women access affordable housing as a thank you for their incredibly valuable service to the country.

New home owners

In 2016, Homes For Heroes presented Air force Technical Sergeant Jeffrey Lee with his own mortgage free home. Technical Sergeant Lee is a decorated veteran with over 21 years of service and Homes for Heroes was proud to make his dream of owning a home a reality. Sergeant Lee is one of man air force members that have been helped along with Michael Fletcher and more recently, Nathan Nelson. In 2017, Homes for Heroes has placed 30 veterans into mortgage free homes and is aiming to gift one home every 11 days in 2018. The organisation has kicked off this mission with awarding a new home to veteran Michael Vasquez and his wife in Texas. “It is a huge huge blessing”,  Vasquez told news outlets.

The hero reward program

Through the hero reward program and AREAA housing assistance, we continue to assist our airmen with a home to call their own. In 2016, the organisation gifted over $429, 000 in grants to heroes in need. The hero rewards program offers reduced fees for airmen returning home and allows them to purchase a home with less hassle. Until today, 19,000 heroes have saved over $30 million in their real estate transactions. The organisation’s network surpasses 2,200 affiliates which donate 25 percent of their fees to buyers or sellers and an additional 5 percent to Homes for Heroes.

A portion of the earnings from the Home for Heroes reward program is donated to the program’s foundation, which grants financial assistance to heroes in need.  The foundation’s housing assistance program was founded in 2005 and also provides professional counsel to those families who need it. Since then, it has helped ten veterans with grants of $10, 000 each and in December, 2017 Homes for Heroes presented a $5000 cheque to the program. The foundation also helps veterans with repairs and housing challenges such as adaptation after surgery or having black mold removed from their homes. U.S Specialist Hugo Gonzalez was one of the many to benefit from this when the organisation created home with special adjustments for him after being injured in Iraq.

Homes for Heroes was established after the 9/11 attacks and seeks to find ways of saying Thank You to servicemen across America including firefighters,teachers law enforcement, military and healthcare professionals. They continue to drive forward with their goal of providing 200 homes to veterans by 2020, according to Fox Business News.


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