Do you live in Arkansas or know someone who does and is interested in military aviation? A unit is coming together in Central Arkansas (Little Rock area) and they are looking for more people to join the group.

The region has a wonderful history and tradition of general, commercial and military aviation. Many years ago, the CAF had a unit known as the Razorback Wing, several members are looking to reactivate the group and add some additional people.

You don’t need to be a pilot or veteran to be involved, many CAF members just love the heritage of American military aviation. Currently we have civilian aircraft owners and owners of warbids who are looking to participate.

If you are interested please see the information below or forward this information to someone who you think might like to get involved.

Contact Michael Tooley at

Next steps:

1. If you are current member in good standing, please email me your CAF Colonel ID #, along with your name as it appears on your ID.

2. If you are not a member yet, please go to and join today!

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