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Signature Flight Support (Signature) issued a statement at EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh, WI whereby Signature will provide preferred pricing on fuel and services at all FBO locations to the Commemorative Air Force (CAF), the world’s largest flying museum comprised of over 165 historic warbirds.

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Volunteer pilots and aircrews can relax and refresh during tech stops as they travel the country performing and exhibiting at airshows. Some of the pricing and services include a nationwide avgas fuel program, ground support and assistance with AOG and MRO services as needed via its Signature TECHNICAir® division.

Pilots and crews will be able to participate in Signature TailWins®, Signature’s pilot rewards program.  Under the BLUESky program all Signature TailWins® members earn 10 times points for Avgas fuel purchases.  Points can then be redeemed for cash equivalent gift cards or virtual Visa cards.

“We are pleased to offer this program to the Commemorative Air Force to help them further their mission of the preservation of historical aviation equipment and the military legacies of the brave individuals who flew these aircraft. In addition, we continue to enthusiastically support all avgas pilots and the general aviation
sector. Signature is the largest provider of Avgas in the United States, the availability of fuel and access to trained ground support for piston-powered aircraft.  Signature offers its BLUESky program to all Avgas pilots whereby pilots earn 10 points per gallon of Avgas purchased.  Also Signature’s Weekend TakeOff™ program provides for a fifty cent discount on posted retail Avgas prices”, noted Maria A. Sastre, President and Chief Operating Officer for Signature Flight Support.

“Operating the World’s largest flying museum, especially touring cross-country most of the year is expensive, but vital to perform our mission. The CAF is grateful for the generous support that Signature is providing our organization and looks forward to visiting many of their FBOs while on tour,” said David Oliver, CAF Vice President of Operations.

More information on Signature TailWins®, BlueSky and Weekend TakeOff™ can be found on Signature’s website:

To see a list of Signature locations in the US, Click here.

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