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Dear CAF Members
Right now there is a battle that we must join. The Planes of Fame Airshow held in Chino, California, is one of the finest warbird airshows in the world and is run by one of the finest pilots in aviation, Steve Hinton. This year a group of airport tenants filed a law suit against the show, and the fate of this show depends on a hearing to be held on April 20th.
If the tenants are successful in obstructing the airshow, it sets a dangerous precedent for shows across the country, including the more than 300 we participate in and 11 that the CAF produces annually. These shows provide a huge amount of income for our units and aircraft through rides, appearance fees and PX sales. 
Below is a link to a petition which I implore your to sign and pass on to your friends and family- the more signatures, the more power this petition has with the plaintiffs and hopefully the court.
Thank you for your support of this effort. 

Stephan C. Brown
CAF President/CEO

Information from the Planes of Fame Website-

A lawsuit has been brought against the Planes of Fame Air Museum by the Yanks Air Museum, Flying Tigers Aviation, SOCAL MRO, and Zangeneh Aeronautics with the sole intent to stop the 25th Annual Planes of Fame Air Show at Chino Airport slated for May 6 & 7, 2017. The allegations involve the experience of economic hardship over Air Show weekend and an inconvenience to operations.

The annual Air Show is one of the few remaining events in Southern California where visitors from around the world can enjoy the sights and sounds of aircraft from the Golden Age of Aviation flying overhead. Each year the Air Show attracts thousands of families, aviation enthusiasts, and others who come together to witness rare and historic aircraft, as well as some of the most talented aviators take to the skies. The Planes of Fame Air Show at Chino Airport is considered one of the top five air shows in the country.
As a non-profit, 501c.3 organization, the annual Air Show serves as the primary fundraising effort for the Planes of Fame Air Museum. Revenue from the annual Air Show helps us to carry on our mission to preserve aviation history, inspire an interest in aviation, education of the public, and honor aviation pioneers and veterans. And as this year’s Air Show marks the 60th anniversary of the founding of Planes of Fame Air Museum, we have seen how our mission has impacted multiple generations of families, and is introducing aviation to entirely new generations.
For the local community, the annual Air Show provides an economic stimulus to local businesses and entrepreneurs both on and nearby the airport. For the City of Chino and the County of San Bernardino, the Air Show provides increased visibility as thousands of visitors flock to the Chino Airport for the show.
Help us save the Air Show! We are asking our friends, visitors, community, and colleagues to join together to support the Air Show. Please send us a note or letter indicating your backing of the Air Show and be sure to include your thoughts on why it needs to continue. WE NEED RESPONSES BY APRIL 4, 2017 – PLEASE ACT NOW!

Please send all comments, concerns and questions to letusfly@planesoffame.org

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