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Tailwings WASP Mary “Marty” Wyall

Yesterday we learned that a great woman of honor, Mary “Marty” Wyall, passed away March 9, 2017. Marty was an inspiration in many ways, both for her actions and in her attitude. As a female aviator and patriot, she served her country as a Women's Airforce Service Pilot (WASP) during World War II in WASP class 44-W-10. In the past year the Commemorative Air Force (CAF) has come to know Marty well, through many interviews and events attended together. Her positive attitude and tremendous smile will be remembered by the many photos of Marty standing by the CAF aircraft.  She was approached by the CAF to help with a new educational initiative, CAF RISE ABOVE: WASP, which aims to tell the story of the WASP and to inspire new generatios to overcome their own challenges, using the model of the WASP.

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Upon becoming aware of the program she immediately went into action, helping in any way she could, by telling her story to the public.By her own recollection, being a WASP was the best thing that happened to her, but at the time it took a tremendous amount of courage to follow through. Like many other WASP, Marty had never been to Texas, and was unsure of what was going to happen during training. When she arrived at Avenger Field in Sweetwater, Texas on a windy day in May, she remembers questioning her own abilities, and thinking she would never be able to fly the large military airplanes.The WASP experience helped Marty recognize that through hard work and perseverance, anything was possible. She graduated and earned her coveted silver wings, just two weeks before the WASP program was shut down. Marty understood that the fate of the program was uncertain, and their “heaven on earth” would come to a close eventually.Marty felt there would be a need to tell the WASP story and started collecting historic materials and memorabilia from her time as a WASP.

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The Commemorative Air Force salutes Marty Wyall for her dedicated service to our country and preservation of our nation’s history. It is our hope that by telling the story of the WASP through the CAF RISE ABOVE: WASP program we will be able to honor the great legacy of Marty and other WASP, who’s efforts should never be forgotten.

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