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We’re amazed at the positive response to the launch of our Kickstarter campaign to honor the WASP – the trailblazing women pilots who were America’s first female military pilots. Thank you for getting in on the ground level of this unique campaign! More than 100 backers pledged more than $25,000 within the first day of the campaign. Thank you for sharing in the vision, and joining with a groundswell of support around the nation to give these amazing women the recognition they deserve.  

Within three hours of the campaign kickoff we were surprised and encouraged to receive this message from Kickstarter: “We’re huge fans of your project and it’s now being featured as a Project We Love on Kickstarter.” It’s only a small percentage of projects that receive this level of acknowledgment – and within a few hours of project launch, it is truly unique!  

We can’t rest on the success of the first day of the campaign – can you help us spread the word? We still have $70,000 left to raise in the 25 remaining days of the campaign. Social media is a wonderful medium to publicize our initiative. Post to your Facebook page, Tweet your support, forward the project to anyone in your network who may also share in this vision, or just pick up the phone and spread the news. We’re currently raising funds, but we’re always raising awareness. Don’t forget to let us know if you have creative ideas to help spread the word. 

Stay tuned tomorrow for an exciting campaign update – our team has been digging deep into the official WASP archives at TWU (Texas Women’s University) and have found some fascinating history related to the AT-6 aircraft in our Kickstarter campaign.

Thank you to those who are part of our exclusive club of ‘First Supporters’ – you’ve helped us get off to an amazing start. Stay with us through to the finish!

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