Screen Shot 2016 04 14 at 11.22.29 AMCAF Mississippi Wing Hosts "Trail of Honor" at Open Hangar Event

Each year an annual coast-to-coast organized motorcycle ride called Run for the Wall is done to honor American military veteran's who "can not ride."  The mission of that motorcycle ride is to promote healing among all veterans and their families and friends, especially paying tribute to Prisoners of War (POW), Missing in Action (MIA) and Killed in Action (KIA). This ride has several designated stops along the way. One is the Harley Davidson Dealership in Jackson, Miss. As a way to welcome the Run for the Wall riders and to honor the Veterans a single Civil War cannon is shot when the riders arrive. This event since 2003 is called the Trail of Honor.  Beginning as in 2003, the Trail of Honor has grown into an event staffed by more than 300 living historians and volunteers and attracts more than 35,000 visitors.

Due to the popularity surrounding the Trail of Honor is expanding. The CAF Mississippi Wing will be hosting riders and participants as part of the Trail of Honor by holding an Aviation Open House at their new hangar located at Bruce Campbell Airport in Madison, Miss. 

The Wing's hangar and flightline will be open Saturday, May 21 from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Sunday, May 22  from noon to 4 p.m. Veterans from all wars are expected to attend as well as active military and their families. This is a public event for all ages. There will be numerous warbirds on display, World War II vehicles and museum artifacts. Current static aircraft are a P-51, F-4U, PT-17, PT-26, L-17, O-2, J-3. In addition to displays aircraft rides will be available for purchase. 

There is no cost to attend the event. Private pilots may fly-in with previous coordination with the local FBO for parking (Bruce Campbell Field in Madison, MS- KMBO) . If you would like to participate in this event with a warbird, please contact the Mississippi Wing Operations Officer, Chris Kyler at (601) 462-1488.

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