Robert F. Dorr Mission TO BerlinRenowned Author Robert ‘Bob’ Dorr Donates Book Proceeds to CAF

CAF Capital Wing member and military history writer Robert F. Dorr was diagnosed with Glioblastoma Multiforme a few months ago and underwent brain surgery in December. Despite the prognosis, and undergoing both radiation and chemo, Bob has not slowed down a bit. He has kept a positive attitude and a great sense of humor throughout this ordeal. Even posting a picture of himself in a hospital bed, holding a toy airplane with the caption “Head to the east!”

The 76-year-old, has taken his medical timeline in stride, publishing his latest book "Crime Scene: Fairfax County" in January and almost daily chronicling in his blog, a series in which he honors people he appreciates as the most important influences in his life.

As it happens the Commemorative Air Force is considered one of those important influences. Dorr has pledged to donate the proceeds from his new book "Crime Scene: Fairfax County" and his well known World War II novel “Mission to Berlin” to the Commemorative Air Force. The Commemorative Air Force is grateful for his generosity and contributions which he has bestowed for many years.

You can purchase Dorr’s books by contacting him directly (see below).

Here is a recent email from Bob.

They were young and cold in "MISSION TO BERLIN."

I never cease to marvel at the very young men who climbed aboard freezing heavy bombers and took off into risky, frigid skies to confront the rigors of formation flying while heading straight toward the flak and fighters of a formidable foe.

I interviewed almost a hundred heavy bomber crewmen for "MISSION TO BERLIN," my character-driven history of B-17 Flying Fortress and B-24 Liberator crews in harm's way. One surprise was how seldom these men talked about Messerschmitts, Focke-Wulfs and 88-mm. rounds. The central focus in the lives of these bomber crew members was that they were almost cold. Everybody in East Anglia had the sniffles all the time. They were cold in their bunks. They were cold heading for the chow hall. They were cold at 28,000 feet where, prior to this war, men had never fought before.

"MISSION TO BERLIN" has been well received by enthusiasts and veterans. The book won a Ralston Institute award for non-fiction. Although published in 2011, it's still considered part of the "new books" market, so you can purchase it from the publisher or from Barnes and Noble for the manufacturer's suggested retail price of $28.00.

Because my health issue, I have about a dozen copies that I'm ready to sell for just FIVE DOLLARS, plus postage for a total of $9.92. To get this high-quantity, hardcover book directly from the author - with a personalized inscription if you'd like one - for the five-dollar price you'll need to have a U.S. address and you'll want to contact me urgently at (703) 264-8950 or

Oh, and there is no profit motive, my friends. Every penny of my proceeds goes to the Commemorative Air Force, a 501(c)(3) charity.

Bob Dorr

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