Gov Deal Dixie Wing 3Dixie Wing Presents Special Flag to Georgia Governor Nathan Deal

Georgia Department of Economic Development Commissioner Chris Carr presented a very special Georgia State flag to Governor Nathan Deal on September 16th in a ceremony at the Georgia Capitol. This particular flag was flown by Dixie Wing of the Commemorative Air Force in the May 2015 “Arsenal of Democracy Flyover” to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II. Arranging to fly the Georgia flag in the “Arsenal of Democracy Flyover” was a joint effort of the Dixie Wing and the Georgia Center of Innovation for Aerospace.

The Arsenal of Democracy Flyover honored those heroes who fought in the war and those on the home front who produced the tanks, ships and aircraft that enabled the United States and its Allies to achieve victory. The flag presented to the Governor recognizes and commemorates the contributions of Georgians in that conflict, both at home and abroad. The Dixie Wing, based in Peachtree City is part of the Commemorative Air Force founded to acquire, restore and preserve in flying condition a complete collection of combat aircraft which were flown by all military services of the United States, and selected aircraft of other nations, for the education and enjoyment of present and future generations of Americans.

Gov Deal Dixie Wing 4

Commissioner Carr presented a framed Georgia State flag and a letter of appreciation to Dixie Wing Commander Jim Buckley , Executive Officer Jay Bess, and Pilot Tony Stein in recognition of the Dixie Wing’s ongoing effort to preserve the history of airpower, and their work to educate and inspire the youth of today as they prepare for the careers of tomorrow.

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