W.Schultz B 17 Maintance TX RaiderCAF seeks Director of Airworthiness and Fleet Management

Job Description:   This position was filled a few weeks ago

LOCATION: This position is in the Commemorative Air Force Operations and Maintenance Department and reports to the Vice President of Safety, Operations and Maintenance. The job location is at Dallas Executive Airport and involves light/moderate travel at infrequent intervals.


A & P rating (Inspection Authorization experience is highly desired, although maintaining currency for the IA is not a requirement of the job)

Experience managing a fleet of aircraft with responsibilities for compliance with FAA certificates, or equivalent compliance experience for organizational standards in a large operation

Extensive experience with warbird maintenance and operations

Proficiency using electronic administrative tools such as spreadsheets and be able to draft written documents for signature by senior corporate officers

Working Knowledge of FAA rules and orders for aircraft maintenance, modifications and certifications

Live the Dallas area and work primarily from the corporate offices


Management of decentralized elements within a national/international organizational structure

Experience in project management at a corporate level, or equivalent experience within smaller aviation organizations focused on aircraft certifications and restorations

A proven track record of working with the FAA at the jurisdictional level and the national level for approval of aircraft certificates and modification approvals


The Director’s responsibility is to manage the aircraft fleet of over 170 aircraft primarily of WW II vintage, located at more than 50 facilities within the united states. The incumbent is the point of contact for all questions regarding the status of the fleet and progress towards organizational operational rates. It is a requirement to have up to date knowledge of the major issues preventing completion of restorations and difficulties causing aircraft to be in prolonged maintenance status. The center of the management process is direct involvement with the maintenance manager and teams at each of the locations. The nature of the involvement should have emphasis on providing assistance to minimize the time aircraft are in maintenance status and insure the restorations proceed to completion without avoidable delays, or loss of momentum from solvable problems/challenges. The Commemorative Air Force is beginning to work with the FAA in a joint aircraft surveillance program; the incumbent will be the coordinator within the CAF to facilitate scheduling of FAA aircraft inspections at the field locations.

Additional task: Insures aircraft are maintained IAW FAA requirements and meet the appearance, safety and organizational expectations of the Commemorative Air Force.  Conducts Staff Assistance Visits (SAVs) to help Units meet Organizational Goals and keep the airplanes flying. Manages and tracks major alterations, repairs and ferry permits. Manages aircraft purchases, sales, donations and assignments. Conducts the status of the fleet reviews for the American Airpower Heritage Flying Museum Board and briefs other senior leaders as required. Manages the Restoration Matching Grant program. Maintains an approved vendor list and coordinates major contracts for engine rebuilds and other contacted aircraft maintenance. Infrequently performs aircraft maintenance.

Please send Resumes by email to Bob Stenevik at: rstenevik@cafhq.org

The CAF is an equal opportunity employer.

Photo Credit- W. Schultz

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