233330LOGOCAF Airbase Arizona Accepts Applications

The CAF Airbase Arizona announces that applications for warbird appearances in your community are being accepted now for the 2016 summer tour season. Good clean fun with an experiential and educational twist – visitors become 'hands-on-heroes' to honor the service and memory of those who achieved victory in World War II 70 years ago. As the last of these military and homefront veterans fade into the ages, their families and communities are invited to see, touch, smell -- and even fly in -- some of the greatest aircraft of all time.

  • B-17 Flying Fortress Sentimental Journey – heavy bomber
    • Pacific Theater Veteran 1945
  • B-25 Mitchell Maid in the Shade – medium bomber
    • Mediterranean Theater Veteran 1944-45

CAF Airbase Arizona is an all-volunteer group that restores, maintains and operates authentic World War II aircraft for the educational benefit of audiences in the U.S. and Canada. Host site sponsors are needed to request appearances. They represent the visited community and sponsor in-kind services and supplies to cover a portion of the expenses required to provide an attraction of this nature for one week. Host sponsors may be an individual or group consortium. They are fully collaborated with by the experienced aircraft tour planning team in order to achieve a unique and educational experience that is appreciated and remembered by the communities visited.

Locations invited to host appearances in 2016 are Minnesota, Wisconsin, Ohio, Illinois, Michigan and Ontario, Canada.

For more information on requesting an appearance in Summer 2016, please contact, Bobbie Carleton, xo@azcaf.org or (480) 924-1940.

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