DSCF3479 01Last year the TBM-3E Avenger operated by the Commemorative Air Force’s Rocky Mountain Wing had suffered damage while taxiing at Glendale Municipal Airport near Phoenix, Arizona.

The Rocky Mountain Wing’s Maintenance Officer reports the following… “Paying for full time effort has achieved the desired effect, giving the TBM repair project a real boost in progress. The year began with the wing supported by scaffolding as the skins were removed for internal repairs. These internal repairs are now completed by Grant and Kevin. Enough of the upper and lower skins have been replaced to provide the structural integrity that the scaffolds have been removed. The leading edge requires special tooling which will be done by a local company which has donated other similar efforts. The front cowlings and accessory deck are the next to be completed before the overhauled engine and new propeller can be mounted. We will take this opportunity to install new hoses and wiring harnesses for the engine compartment. Lower fuselage and bomb bay doors also require some sheet metal work. A call will be made for RMW volunteers to help out when it can be done – perhaps within a month. Things are looking more hopeful for the 2015 airshow season.”

IMG 0010

You can contribute to the Avenger’s restoration by visiting the Rocky Mountain Wing’s site HERE, or the Fundraiser Campaign HERE which also has additional photos of the restoration.

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