IMG 1074On January 13, 2015 the aviation community lost a legendary pilot, aviation advocate and CAF Colonel. Jan Collmer was a staple at many airshows around the country including the CAF AIRSHO, performing his signature 360-degree roll upon take off.

After retiring as a U.S. Navy Pilot, Collmer found himself working in various engineering and management positions following his military service. He eventually founded his own business, High Voltage Power Systems.  While sucessful in business, for Collmer, he was most fulfilled when he was busy flying and thrilling airshow crowds with his heart pounding aerobatics, which he did for more than 30 years. A Dallas native and figure head in the Dallas aviation community he devoted many hours to the Frontiers of Flight Museum Board of Directors, and dozens of other Dallas area boards from hospitals to robotics to airports. Despite his busy schedule he was always able to find time for the Commemorative Air Force. His fun loving spirit was always on display at AIRSHO during pilot briefing, where he kept the mood light by antagonizing the air boss- to the delight of the other pilots.

When not performing aerobatic stunts at airshows, Collmer may have been found advising aspiring entrepreneurs as evidenced in his book, “Go Start Something! Live Life on the Edge.“ Or working with prominent business and community leaders through the Leadership Council of the Frontiers of Flight Museum. Or on the golf course at the Jan Collmer Golf Classic.

Collmer’s contribution to these organizations, especially those associated with aviation, is a testament to the love and joy he both received and gave. Col Collmer’s selfless dedication to the Commemorative Air Force and the entire aviation community exemplifies his spirit of goodwill, dedication and volunteerism. All part of his legacy that he will be remembered for.

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