CAf Arizona Airbase Warbird Parts 2CAF Airbase Arizona has set up a reclaimed parts function to help repair operational aircraft or enhance static displays. These parts are now available for other CAF Units or independent organizations for purchase. Some items may be of value as museum display, such as two experimental turbo superchargers for a 1930s XFM-1, while items such as fuel pumps can be overhauled and certified for operational use.

Since the items have come out of long-term storage or lots purchased by CAF Airbase Arizona none of the items have documentation. Therefore no guarantees or warranties of any kind are provided – even though some of the items are ‘new old stock’ in original packaging.The part manager of the CAF Airbase Arizona estimates to have more than 1,000 and the list is growing.

From fasteners to magnetos, carburetors and more, many of these items have satisfied hard-to-fill voids with CAF Airbase Arizona aircraft (after overhaul and rectification). Unfortunately, CAF Airbase Arizona cannot provide the items for free and asks for reasonable core payment plus shipping by Units purchasing items. For a copy of the reclaimed parts list on excel spreadsheet email

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