B-24The Consolidated B-24 Liberator flew for the first time 75 years ago today.  Newer, more efficient and more versatile than the B-17 Flying Fortress, more Liberators were built than any other military aircraft in American history.  In addition to being used as a heavy bomber, the B-24 also served as a long-range maritime patrol and transport aircraft.  Tricycle landing gear was a modern feature of the Liberator and the deep fuselage was designed so the 4-ton bomb-load could be stored vertically.  Extensively used in the Pacific, Mediterranean, European and and China-Burma-India Theaters, the Liberator's most famous single-mission was a daylight raid against the Romanians over oilfields at Ploesti on Aug. 1, 1943.  Winston Churchill used a modified B-24 as his personal transport.

B-24 US Flag

About the CAF’s B-24 Liberator Diamond Lil
Diamond Lil, built in 1941, was the 25th B-24 produced by Consolidated Aircraft Corporation. It is the oldest flying B-24 that out of more than 18,000 produced.This airplane is one of only two still flying today. The CAF purchased this B-24A in 1967 and she has performed majestically before thousands of people for over 40 years. Originally configured as Diamond Lil, a transport aircraft, with markings of the 98th Bomb Group, she underwent a major restoration in 2006 with the intent of returning her back to the original bomber configuration and renamed Ol’ 927. In the winter of 2011-12 the Squadron voted to return the name Diamond Lil to the aircraft with newly updated Nose Art. The airplane is maintained and operated by the volunteers of the Commemorative Air Force’s B-29/B-24 Squadron currently based at the Vintage Flying Museum in Fort Worth, Texas. The B-24 and many other rare World War II military aircraft will soon be part of the collection housed at the CAF National Airbase at Dallas Executive Airport.

Visit the CAF B29-B24 Squadron for more information www.cafb29b24.org/.

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