Museum of the us air force exterior (Photo by National Museum of the United States Air Force)

DAYTON, OHIO -- The Dayton History Organization will take over day-to-day operation of the “National Aviation Hall of Fame” exhibit at the Air Force Museum. Visitors can expect to see new exhibits on the history of flight. "The 1.3 million people that walk by this door and walk through this museum will know about the other assets in Dayton, the reasons why they should stay, and what more they can learn about aviation history here in Dayton, Ohio," said U.S. Rep. Mike Turner.


The partnership will also allow the organizations to share resources, including information on people who would like to volunteer. Those planning to visit the Air Force Museum at Wright-Patterson anytime soon won't be able to see all of the exhibits. The “Missile and Space” gallery is now closed for approximately five months to make way for the addition of a fourth building. That building is set to open in Spring 2016.


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