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This was the 51st CAF AIRSHO. It showcased some of the most iconic aircraft from World War II and top aerobatic performers from the CAF's own B-29 Superfortress FIFI to Kyle Franklin's Dracula. Having come from the successful CAF WWII Air Expo in Dallas the previous weekend, CAF Staff and Volunteers were excited to keep the momentum going to another great CAF event. Early reports of ticket sales and Colonel registrations were similar to years past but no one would have expected the last minute turn out of both members and attendees. This show's attendance on Sunday was record setting for a CAF AIRSHO. At least 250 CAF Colonels attended the event and several thousand came for the show, and all had a wonderful time.  Many thanks to all the members and volunteers who came out and helped make this homecoming such a great success!

  Friday's Membership meeting included a General Staff Vote, the announcement of the annual CAF Member Awards and a special tribute to those members that have Gone West since last year's AIRSHO. At the close of the meeting CAF President Stephan Brown gave the "State of the CAF" Presentation, which focused on keeping close watch on financials as the CAF expands both in aircraft, members and locations. For a look at both past and upcoming events, click here to watch the video. 


2014 INDIVIDUAL AWARDS - October 10, 2014


Col. Gena Linebarger                    High Sky Wing, EOD, Blastards, HQ


President’s Spirit Award


Col. Jan Collmer


President’s Choice Award


Col. Beth Jenkins


Terry & Jeanette Hollis



Col. R. William Douglas                National Capitol Squadron

Col. John Gibeau                         Tex Hill Wing

Col. Howard “Mike” Hunt              Alaska Wing

Col. Brent Meyer                         Mile High Wing

Col. R. Donovan Weeks               National Capitol Squadron

Col. Donald Woodham                 Tex Hill Wing


Col. Edward Dzielski                     Airbase Arizona

Col. Ben York III                          Airbase Arizona

Individual Maintenance Award

Col. Daniel Bishop                         Mile High Wing

Col. Bobbie Carlton                        Airbase Arizona

Col. Phil Chapman                          Airbase Arizona

Col. Ray Ender                              Centex Wing

Col. C. Roger Grantham                  Airbase Arizona

Col. Richard Lambert                     Dixie Wing

Col. Mike Phillips                           Houston Wing

Col. Russ Renaud                          Tex Hill Wing

Col. Lee Weaver                            Dixie Wing

Col. Gary Winder                           Mile High Wing


Col. Allen Arnold                           Airbase Arizona

Col. Jane Baker                             Airbase Arizona

Col. Shelby Bolke                          Airbase Arizona

Col. Mike Boehme                         Old Dominion Squadron

Col. Ulf Byrnkestad                       Houston Wing

Col. Ed Cleveland                         Inland Empire Wing

Col. Troy Fitting                            Blastards

Col. Don Honeycutt                      Airbase Arizona

Col. Nancy Kwiecien                     Gulf Coast Wing

Col. Mike Selk                              Airbase Arizona

Col. Nancy Smith                         Gulf Coast Wing

Col. Elaine Webb                         Dallas/Fort Worth Wing


Col. John Bixby                             Houston Wing

Col. Tersa Bolin                             High Sky Wing

Col. Peter Bolke                            Airbase Arizona

Col. Phil Bonasera                         Centex Wing

Col. Donald Burgess                      Dixie Wing

Col. Mike Chalk                            Centex Wing

Col. Kathryn Collier                      High Sky Wing

Col. Susie Day                             High Sky Wing

Col. Joe Duncan                          Gulf Coast Wing

Col. Babs Hillard                          High Sky Wing

Col. Louise Koelling                     Jayhawk Wing

Col. Jim Liles                              Centex Wing

Col. Megan O’Hern                      High Sky Wing

Col. Michael Rettke                     Dixie Wing

Col. John Riggs                          Jayhawk Wing

Col. Jim Ritchie                          Airbase Arizona

Col. David Siegert                      Dallas/Fort Worth Wing

Col. Janet Siegert                       Dallas/Fort Worth Wing

Col. Lauri Skinner                       High Sky Wing

Col. Fred Tedesco                       Inland Empire Wing

Col. Andy Van Vooren                  Airbase Arizona

Col. Frank Vargas                        Houston Wing

Col. Benjamin T. Wainwright         Old Dominion Squadron


Col. Paul Areson                          Dixie Wing

Col. John Bartholomew                 Jayhawk Wing

Col. David Berrio                          Centex Wing

Col. Frank Bienvenue                    Gulf Coast Wing

Col. Bert Boyce                            Mile High Wing

Col. Jim Buser                             Houston Wing

Col. Ricky Chapman                     EOD

Col. Jerry Conerly                        Inland Empire Wing

Col. Michael Couvillion                 Centex Wing

Col. Mark Davis                          Highland Lakes Squadron

Col. Dan DeMott                         Jayhawk Wing

Col. Jed Doggett                         Highland Lakes Squadron

Col. Annette Doggett                   Highland Lakes Squadron

Col. Ben Doggett                         Highland Lakes Squadron

Col. Jake Doggett                         Highland Lakes Squadron                                        

Col. Saundra Dunsworth               Jayhawk Wing

Col. Steve Enyeart                        Centex Wing

Col. David Hargett                        Highland Lakes Squadron

Col. Richard Hamilton                   Houston Wing

Col. Frank Kalinowski                   Dixie Wing

Col. Mike Kelly                            Highland Lakes Squadron

Col. Randy Kim                           Inland Empire Wing

Col. Danny Kirby                         Blastards

Col. Kevin Klaus                          Highland Lakes Squadron

Col. John Knapp                         Highland Lakes Squadron

Cadet Casey Lockett                    Centex Wing

Col. Mark McCray                        Highland Lakes Squadron

Col. Steve Meares                       Blastards

Col. Adrian Peterson                    Highland Lakes Squadron

Col. Howard Quoyeser                 Gulf Coast Wing

Col. Howie Ramshorn                  Inland Empire Wing

Col. Harold Smith                       Highland Lakes Squadron

Col. Brill Wilcox                          Tex Hill Wing


Ms. Carol Gillette                        High Sky Wing

Ms. Thresa Thornton                   High Sky Wing


Mr. Jeff Litchfield                         Tex Hill Wing

Mr. Jason Starace                        Blastards

Dolly Vinsant Flight Nurse of the Year

Major Deveril A. Wint

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