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The first CAF Air Expo took place this past weekend in Dallas at Dallas Executive Airport. Although the weather was a little scary before the event, as you will see in these photos, the weather was perfect for the Air Expo. Hundreds of people came to check out the CAF and see the dozens of warbirds on display. Rides were booked both online and at the event.  There were several people on hand to entertain and educate. 

The Ladies for Liberty came and sang in the Andrews Sister's style throughout the event. Aviation entrepreneur, Jamil Larkins, was on hand, speaking with several students about working hard and finding your passion. The attendence of many World War II veterans and CAF Colonels ensured that there was no shortage of people around to answer questions and talk about the aircraft on the ramp. The B-29/B-24 Squadron worked with local units and lots of volunteers to make this a successful event and the CAF's first BIG event in the Dallas area.

 See Photos from the show-

Aircraft in Attendenct include:


*B-29 Superfortress FIFI                     L-19 Bird Dog


*B-17 Flying Fortress Texas Raiders    *C-45 Expeditor Bucket of Bolts


*B-24 Liberator Diamond Lil              T-6 Texan Farmer’s Daughter


*B-25 Mitchell Yellow Rose                 *PT-13 Stearman


*SB2C Helldiver                                   T-28 Trojan


*P-51 Mustang Gunfighter                   P-40 Warhawk


*P-51 Mustang Tuskegee Airmen         A-26 Invader


Japanese Zero Replica                          *R4D Ready for Duty


*Available for rides




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