12 Planes of Christmas 2016

Aircraft Fundraising Page Instructions

STEP 1: Go to the event page- www.supportcaf.org

Crowdrisepage web

STEP 2: Click the SET UP YOUR FUNDRAISER button.

Crowdrisepage SetUpbutton

 STEP 3: On the pop-up screen, join the event by clicking the START YOUR OWN FUNDRAISER option.


 STEP 4 (START YOUR OWN FUNDRAISER): You will be taken to the Create A Fundraiser page.

Crowdrisepage createpage


  • Title your fundraiser. All aircraft pages need to have the aircraft type, airplane name (if there is one) and the N number of the aircraft. The N number will allow the funds from the donations to go into the correct aircraft accounts.
  • Set a fundraising goal. Remember, making a goal too high or too low will not help your cause. Most CAF aircraft should fall into the $1,500 to $5,000.
  • Say something about why this aircraft is special. Maybe this aircraft type performed a unique mission in WWII or your unit needs this aircraft for an educational program. It is important to make the reason an important one that pertains to the CAF mission.


 STEP 5 (START YOUR OWN FUNDRAISER): Add a photo to represent your fundraiser. Once your fundraiser is set up, you can add more photos and even a video!

Crowdrisepage addaphoto

 STEP 6 (START YOUR OWN FUNDRAISER): Click to login to account

Crowdrisepage login

STEP 7 (START YOUR OWN FUNDRAISER): Login using the CAF unit login, username/email: 12planes2016@cafhq.org and password Flag@1945

Crowdrisepage loginpassword

STEP 8 (START YOUR OWN FUNDRAISER): Hurray! You did it, you will be able to accept donations through this page.

Crowdrisepage done

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