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12 Planes of Christmas – It’s time to submit your airplanes!

12 Planes of Christmas – It’s time to submit your airplanes!

As we approach the end-of-year giving season it is time once again to choose the CAF’s 12 Planes of Christmas. Selected from across the nation 12 projects will be highlighted, offering donors a glimpse of the organization’s best projects. If you are working on a project and want to see it featured, now is your chance to submit it for consideration as one of the 12 Planes of Christmas.

Click here:

to fill out your application for review by the American Airpower Heritage Flying Museum Board – the deadline is just around the corner!

Last year cumulatively our aircraft raised more than $150,000 spearheaded by the efforts of the 12 airplanes selected to emphasize our Keep ‘Em Flying spirit. From unit to unit, success stories abound like Lake Superior 101 Squadron, who raised more than $11,000 for their PBY restoration exceeding their goal and the Dixie Wing who were able to gather over $16,000 towards the restoration of the CAF’s only Corsair!

Campaigning aircraft for 30 days during the holidays is certainly hard work, but 12 Planes of Christmas represents the best annual opportunity for units to crowd-fund their projects, restorations and maintenance efforts. 

What are you waiting for?

Submit your aircraft today!

Additional questions about aircraft eligibility and participation should be directed to Alan Brooks, Chairman of the AAHFM Board, at

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