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Countdown to ICAS Annual Event

Countdown to ICAS Annual Event

Good Evening Everyone

There is only two months left and if you are going to want a booth, please reply to me right away. The hotel and booth information is below:

Convention Delegates Reserving Rooms in ICAS Block Will Receive $100 Discount on Standard Registration Fees. Make your sleeping room reservation within the ICAS room block at the Rio All-Suites Hotel. The savings for registering this way can be as high as $190. "ICAS has negotiated terms that require that our delegates reserve a certain number of sleeping rooms during the ICAS Convention each year," says ICAS President John Cudahy. "So, to encourage our members to reserve within that block, this year, for the first time, we are offering a $100 discount on the standard registration fee to delegates who reserve and occupy a Rio sleeping room during this year's convention." 

Only members who have confirmed reservations at the host hotel under the ICAS room block are eligible for the discount. And members who have a reservation within the ICAS block, but cancel their hotel reservation, will not be able to take advantage of the discount.

This year, ICAS has negotiated a rate of $89 for convention participants. Delegates making a reservation within the ICAS block of rooms will also receive complimentary in-room internet access and will not be obligated to pay the standard $28/day resort fee.

To make your sleeping room reservation at the Rio All-Suite Hotel, call 888-746-6955 and use the group code: SRICS5. Alternatively, you can make your reservation on-line by visiting:

Booth assignments are first come, first served, so get your order in before they are all booked up. All you have to do is pick a booth and send me an email with your selection. Our spaces are 216 – 227 (see floor plan below) and the only ones left are 219, 220, ½ of 221 and 225.  The total price will be $1,190 (only $45 more than last year and $255 less than 2013!) and half that if you share. These prices include the CAF backdrop, so all you have to do is bring your unit and airplane specific displays to attach to the backdrop. If you will have computers and monitors to set up, bring extension cords and a power strip. When I confirm your selection I will send a copy to finance and they will bill you then. If you need to cancel your booth, we will refund your payment when and if we can  get another unit to fill it. Obviously, the closer to the convention the harder this will be to do.

Exhibitor set up is Sunday, December 6; please come by and help set up your (our boothes). We always get this done by helping each other, so plan on 2-3 hours starting at 0830.  The convention, including access to the exhibit hall is for members only.  Non registered guests may attend the last exhibit hall session on Thursday, accompanied by an ICAS registrant. 

You need to register under the CAF:

               Click on this link log on as bobstenevik, password midland, click select CAF and see if your name is on our membership list.

  1. If you are on the list, click on the pull down next to your name and select DISC (for discount), scroll to the bottom and click continue, enter your email address and credit card information and click submit.
  1. If you are not on the list, click on this link fill out the form to join, select member of Commemorative Air Force in the pull down and click submit. Then click on this link log on as BobStenevik, password midland, click select CAF, click on the pull down next to your name and select STD, scroll to the bottom and click continue, enter your email address and credit card information and click submit.

2015 ICAS floorplan

c.      216: TORA
d.     217: Arizona
e.      218: ½ Centex, ½ Invader Squadron
f.      219:
g.     220:
h.     221: ½ HQ
i.       222: Inland Empire
j.       223: B-24/B-29 Squadron
k.     224: ½ RMW, Lady Liberty ½
l.       225: Southern Cal ½
m.   226: Blastards/EOD

n.     227: Red Tail


© Image:Shutterstock/welcomia

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