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The Mississippi Wing Took a Direct Hit but are Still Going Strong!

 The Missisippi Wing’s hanger was struck by a tornado on Augist 17th. It was a direct hit. The storm pushed the hangar doors out of the track and damaged multiple airplanes. A few other planes on the ramp (KMBO) were also damaged as well as one other hanger. Being a direct hit on an airport means the wind readings are likely to be accurate.  A peak speed at KMBO of 97 was recorded.

The membership came together to solve a lot of problems in a hurry, immediately following the event.  Of course, the first responders in Madison Mississippi did a fantastic job as well.  A work crew was organized and cleaned up the next day.   No one was hurt and that is something we can all be thankful for. 





Wing members cleared all debris from the airport and with help from the City of Madison, secured the hangar the following day.



Debris from the Missisisppi Wing hangar.



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