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Sam Hoynes attained a MBA while serving in the Air Force.   As an officer for 15 years and pilot for 12 years he has over 3,600 hours flying time in T37’s, T-38’s, H-19’s, CH-3’s, UH-1F’s, and C-130’s with two tours in Vietnam. He was an Air Force instructor pilot, instrument instructor pilot and standardization pilot in rotary and fixed wing aircraft with the FAA Pilot's License's to match. Sam later spent 30 years as a safety engineer then as Corporate Safety Manager of an industrial gas business. This job, where he became a Certified Safety Professional, involved all areas of regulatory compliance, safety, safety training and accident investigation for a company with over 4,000 employees. Sam joined the CAF Houston Wing in 2004 and has served as the unit's Safety Officer, Museum Collections Officer and works Wings Over Houston Airshow.   In 2013 Sam took on the volunteer duties of Industrial and Ground Safety Director for the CAF.

Gerald “David” Oliver first took the controls of an aircraft at the age of 7 years old.   A typical “airport kid” David’s first job in aviation started as an aircraft fueler when he was a teenager.  After soloing an airplane on his 16thbirthday David quickly went on to secure instrument, commercial, multi-engine, seaplane and instructor ratings by the age of 20.  He has a wide range of experience in aviation.  In 2006 he won the IAC National Collegiate Aerobatic Championship.   He is an avid tail wheel pilot and loves flying the family J-3 with his kids.  In 2008 David deployed to the Middle East as a contractor for the US military and logged over 600 combat hours in military aircraft in both Afghanistan and Iraq.  He has served as a long range ferry pilot with multiple ocean crossings, delivering aircraft all over the world.   In 2009, David actively sought out the Commemorative Air Force where he volunteered with the B-29 / B-24 Squadron based in Dallas, Texas.  He served 4 years as the Flight Operations Officer of the unit and traveled extensively with the AirPower History Tour.   He is qualified as an Aircraft Commander on the B-29 and B-24 as well as serving as Check Pilot on the B-29.   David joined the headquarters staff of the CAF in June of 2015 as Director of Operations and moved up to VP of Operations, Safety and Maintenance in April of 2016.   David holds a degree in Aviation Management from Southern IL University as well as an ATP, and A&P certificate.   He and his wife, Christina, have three children and reside in Plano, TX. 

Bob was born August 21, 1947, in Phoenix, Arizona. He graduated from Arizona State University in 1972 and Naval War College in 1992. He is also a graduate of the USC safety management/accident investigation school and the Air Force aircraft mishap/accident investigation board president course. His first career was with the USAFR as a technician flying Special Operations, Combat Rescue and some transport and tanker tours. He retired after serving 32 years in many different staff and squadron jobs; the final one in the Squadron as Commander and on staffs as The Director of Operations Training for Tenth Air Force. Bob joined the Commemorative Air Force in April, 2005 as the Director of Safety and Flight Operations and was promoted to the Vice President of Safety, Maintenance and Operations in January 2008. In 2017, Bob came out of retirement to be the CAF President/CEO. Bob married Libby Ann Ivester of Medford, Oregon in August 1970.

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