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Welcome to the Commemorative Air Force Blogs. A great way to stay informed about what is going on with the CAF.

Nathan is an erstwhile inventor, researcher and business owner. He was a Fireman in a small Texas town and traveled the country as part of a vintage rally race car team.  He is now SWAT Sniper qualified and a Patrolman for a Texas police department.  He is a graduate of Harvard and Texas A&M San Antonio. Introduced to the CAF by Lefty Gardner in the early 90's, he started his CAF journey with the Central Texas Wing in San Marcos Texas. In his spare time he does the bidding of a moody cat, a wonderful dog and a magnificent wife. He occasionally shows up in a fun movie. Sometimes he can be found committing acts of aviation on an unsuspecting sky.   


Stephan C. Brown is the President/CEO of the Commemorative Air Force

I served aboard the USS Hancock, in the Tonkin Gulf, as an airplane mechanic specializing in reciprocating engines. A CAF member since 1972, I am a founding member of TORA and the Gulf Coast Wing. I am also a member of the High Sky Wing, Coyote Squadron, Invader Squadron and Traron. I am a CAF Command Pilot with over 40 years of non-stop air show performing. My civilian flying career includes over 11,000 pilot in command hours, being Chief Pilot for a large corporate holding company and serving as an instructor pilot and program director of the Falcon 50-900 program for Flight Safety International. I hold type ratings in the Falcon 10, 20 and 50 series jets, the Gulfstream 100 jet, A-26, and the B-17. In addition to my duties as the CAF DO/ Chief Pilot, I also perform Training Center Evaluator (DA-50 Pilot exaimner) for Flight Safety at DFW.

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