Dallas Executive Press Conference

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News Briefs April 30, 2014 - Aerotech News and Review

Midland-based CAF moving headquarters to Dallas


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I am an A&P Mechanic with an IA. My experience includes C-45, C-47, C-54, C-121 and other WWII era aircraft. I saw the news about the CAF moving to Dallas Exec. I would love to become involved with the new program."
Great collection. THANK YOU to the Commemorative Air Force and all organizations that keep these great planes in the air!
That's in the area of Dallas that I patrol. I'm very excited!
My kids are stoked!!!
Many thanks to general staff, professional staff, and other members who worked so hard and diligently in considering and developing this great opportunity...this National Airbase vision and now the first big accomplishment in achieving it will take the CAF to a whole new level of accomplishing our mission, especially the education, exhibition, and remembrance pieces of honoring our American military aviation heritage.
This is awesome! Consider me a new member, always wanted to join but Midland too far away...
In response to the noise issue, for me there is nothing quite like the sound of a B-29 taking off full rich, cowl flaps open, at max power at max takeoff weight.  For me it is the sound of music.
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