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The American Airpower Heritage Foundation (AAHF) is the financial branch of the Commemorative Air Force. The mission of the foundation is to raise funds to endow the operations of the CAF Airpower Museum, the American Airpower Flying Museum and the Commemorative Air Force. The foundation earns and manages an "Endowment Fund" from which earnings are distributed in keeping with the organizational objectives.

CAF Endowment

These are cash or securities donations, which are deposited into the CAF's Endowment funds, and the earnings from the donations help the CAF continue its mission of "Honoring America's Legacy of Freedom".  It helps fund additional educational and fundraising activities which are used to operate the national headquarters and assist CAF Units in their mission to "keep em' flying".

CAF Aircraft Acquisition Fund

The CAF is always trying to expand its fleet of rare and significant military aircraft.  The CAF's aircraft are obtained through direct donations of aircraft and through purchases made by the CAF.  Our aircraft are not provided or given to the CAF by any government entity.  When significant and historic aircraft become available this fund provides a means for the CAF to add historic aircraft to its operational fleet. The link below will allow you to make a monetary donation to our Aircraft Acquisition Fund.

To make a donation, receive additional Information on ways to donate to the Commemorative Air Force, please contact the Development Office at or (214) 330-1700.

CAF Foundation Heritage Club

The Heritage Club is an organization of friends who, by sharing the long-term vision of the AAHF, have established a planned gift for the future benefit of the organization.

The Heritage Club recognizes the generosity and foresight of donors who have included the AAHF in their estate plans. This is accomplished when an individual:

  • Includes the AAHF as a beneficiary in his/her will
  • Names the AAHF as the owner and beneficiary of a life insurance policy
  • Names the AAHF as a beneficiary of a life income gift (a remainder trust, a gift annuity, or a lead trust)
  • Names the AAHF as the beneficiary of an investment portfolio or retirement account (IRA, Roth IRA, 401K, etc.)
  • Makes a gift of a personal residence or farm to the AAHF with a life estate reserved.

The Heritage Club members are honored through the presentation of a Heritage Club patch and distinctive lapel pin. In addition, this group receives special privileges and shares in special activities.

The AAHF invites you to join other forward looking benefactors as a member of The Heritage Club ~ through one of the many available planned gift opportunities.

To make a donation, receive additional Information on ways to donate to the Commemorative Air Force, please contact the Development Office at or (214) 330-1700.

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