Delaware Valley Wing Forked River, NJ

711 Chelsea Street
Forked River, NJ 08731

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    The Stinson model 10A “Voyager” was a fairly advanced airplane for its size at the time of its introduction in 1940. It has features (built-in leading edge slots and three-position slotted flaps), which were not found on airplanes its size for another 15 years. The Stinson 10A Voyager, as with most "off-the-shelf" models, was drafted into the Armed Forces during World War II and served in a variety of liaison and observation missions. The Army Air Corps initially purchased six Model 10s, designating them Y0-54, for their liaison program in 1940, and in 1942 twenty Model 10As were purchased and served as the L-9B. France placed an order for 600 Voyagers, but few were delivered before... ...

    The Delaware Valley Wing was formed in 1990 and currently flies a Stinson Model 10/L-9 in WWII Civil Air Patrol colors and is restoring an Interstate Cadet similar to the one flown by Cornelia Fort, a civilian flight instructor who was in the air and attacked by the Japanese at Pearl Harbor. Fort was one of the founding members of the WASPs.

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