Coyote Squadron Corsicana, TX

David Campbell Field - Corsicana Municipal Airport
9000 Navarro Rd
Corsicana, TX 75109

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    Stinson AT-19, serial number 77-333, was built in November 1944 as an AT-19-VW (under the designation Model V-77 of its parent company, Consolidated-Vultee Corporation) at the Stinson Aircraft factory in Wayne, Michigan (a Detroit suburb). Subsequently, the United States Government provided this AT-19, now carrying the U.S. Army Air Forces serial number 43-44046, to the United Kingdom under the Lend-Lease Program. The Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm assigned FB605 to this AT-19. After being ferried to Newark, New Jersey, disassembled and crated, FB605 was shipped to the East Indies via a transport/cargo ship (lashed atop the ship as “deck cargo”). FB605 was assigned to a Royal Navy Aircraft... ...

    The Coyote Squadron is committed to preserving the legacy of the persons and planes that flew in defense of America, and to bringing to life America’s military aviation heritage in Corsicana. We do this through the restoration of our own primary trainer, a Fairchild PT-19 like those flown at the Corsicana airfield 1941-1944 when it was used as an Army Air Corps flight training facility. Our PT-19 is housed in the Tucker Hardgrave Memorial Hangar at the Corsicana airfield. Tucker Hardgrave, a longtime citizen of Corsicana and a recipient of the Silver Star, the Distinguished Flying Cross, and the Air Medal, was a founding member of the Coyote Squadron.

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